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Hi All,

I have for sale a Practical Basket Hilt sword. I'm not 100% on the maker as these are just listed on the sellers website as a 'Practical' but I think it's Hanwei or CAS
I've had it for about 8 years but its only ever been for costume use a dozen times or so.
It is blunt with a 2mm edge near the hilt going in to 1mm near the point and though it's supposed to be a practical it does have a bit of a point which would need to be rounded for re enactment or sparring use. Blade has no nicks or dings (and the patches on the blade are oil not rust.)The basket and scabbard chape has very small patches of paint rubbed off. There is a small scrape on the scabbard shown in the photos. Blade length 80 cm, overall length 96cm.

Asking price is 135 not including shipping.
I'm in Dublin, Ireland so UK/ EU preferred to keep shipping costs reasonable.
I can accept Paypal.
Please PM with any questions.


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