This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Sword is overall in good condition, blade is straight in both planes, and retains most of it's original polish, as well as it's original service edge, which extends about 5/8ths down the front edge of the blade, and a good few inches down the back edge. It has it's original washer and fits tightly in the scabbard, with no wiggle or rattle. The guard is very slightly loose, but could easily be tightened with some aluminum or copper shims, but it's an extremely slight movement. The grip is in good condition and is tight, as is the back strap, with the wiring mostly intact. The wiring is loose in some spots, but not horribly so until the last third of the grip, where it becomes quite loose, but still looks nice. Asking 130USD plus shipping. Also, I have this listed over at the SBG forums as well, if that's forbidden to do than I apologize and cede the thread to be deleted.