For Sale: Moving sale - axes, mace, swords
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I am trying to clear out things that I don't need since I am looking to move soon. I don't think I can donate these items to ARC or Goodwill, so I am selling them here. Since I want to just get these out of my hair, I am asking $5 for each purchase* + shipping (U.S. strongly preferred). The five dollars is just to cover packing materials, my time waiting at the post office, etc. Please note that all items are sold AS IS, and all items have at least some level of rust/tarnish. Please see picture and descriptions below for more info. If you are interested, please PM me with the letter(s) you would like.

[ Linked Image ]

A: Axe head. I am not sure of the manufacturer, but the place I got this sold a lot of Deepeeka stuff, so there is a good chance they made this.

B: Axe. Same as "A", but this one has been mounted on a haft. The head shifts some and there is a crack in the handle.

C: MRL/Windlass English warhammer. The haft and langets are fairly clean, but the head has some noticeable rust. This is probably the rustiest item.

D: Deepeeka axe. The haft is slightly bent/warped, but because it bends towards the axe edge, it is actually kind of comfortable.

E: MRL/Windlass River Thames Mace. This is the one I reviewed for this site. The grip has been re-wrapped by me which I think improves the feel quite a bit.

F: At one point United Cutlery sold Indian made viking swords. I don't know who made them, but this sword started life as one of those. When the sword broke at the hilt, I reforged the shoulder of the blade into a new, sturdier tang and made this short sword. Blade has some nicks. The original scabbard (to the let) was shorted to fit this sword.

G: Deepeka Celtic/Frankish sword. The blade is fairly soft and has several nicks. The grip, which uses sections of horn, is probably the coolest part of this sword. Scabbard is shown to the left.

H: MRL/Windlass sword. I don't remember the name of this one. I narrowed the grip and rounded the point as I was considering it for some light sparring. That never happened, so the sword just sat in my garage collecting dust and a little rust. Again, scabbard is shown to the left.

I: United Cutlery sword cane. I thought this was cool when I was younger; now it just sits in the garage. Please note that carrying/using this cane may be illegal in your area. Please check your local laws. The blade is stainless, so it looks ok, but the brass ferule could use some polish. Cane rattles when sword is sheathed/hidden.

*Note that I am requesting $5 per purchase, not per item. Thus I will ask you for $5 + actual shipping costs whether you purchase 1 item, 3 items, or all of them as long as long as they are sent in one shipment. If you purchase one item and then contact me about another after I have shipped the first, I would consider that two purchases.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I have had a few people express interest in these items, but I am waiting to hear back on final decisions. As a result, I am simply marking this whole set as pending for the time being and will update when the details get ironed out.


-- Greyson
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

All items have been sold. Thanks.

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