This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hello! I'm looking for quite a few Renaissance era weapons, and would love any leads on weapons for sale here to purchase second-hand, or somewhere else in the vast web.

- Schiavonas (my favorite sword, always looking to buy them)
- A somewhat basic brass guard sidesword or rapier ( ) ( )
- A complex Katzbalger, perhaps Armory Marek's basket hilted Katzbalgers or otherwise something similar
- A relatively cheap but well built Swiss guard -type halberd
- A polehammer, basically a polearm version of a warhammer
- A basket hilted cutlass or sabre; only aware of Windlass's Scottish cutlass as of yet
- A complex hilted bastard sword
- A Polish Winged Hussar helmet
- A lobster helmet, hopefully Swedish
- Even if it's a pipe dream, a non-firing Wheellock or otherwise Matchlock firearm, hopefully a pistol but anything would be nice

Thank you in advance for any help, advice or offers! :D