Bought this from a gun Auction - very reputable dealer affiliated (Cowans).
It was an impulse buy to display next to one of my flintlocks. Was not sure its period even though they were stating it as such. Have had a reply on Facebook Group that it indeed does appear to be a period Royal Cavalry Wheel Lock Cartridge Box. I was the lone bidder and the price low so I assumed it to be a reproduction or possibly misidentified - maybe 1800s European Hunting bag - decorated.

Has anyone seen something like this or have knowledge?

Here is the description:
Rare Saxton gun accessory pouch from 16th to 17th century constructed of hardened leather mounted with forged steel decorations that were originally polished bright. Measures 8” in height by 7” in width. In very good condition with minor imperfections. Intended to carry spanner wrench, balls, paper cartridges or accessories for Wheelock or early flintlocks’ As seen in old engravings of musketeers

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