Viking Sword Selection
I want to buy a viking sword. I have found two models that peaked my interest,

the first being from Wulflund at

The second from Dark Sword Armory at

Which one of the two would you guys recommend?
I couldn't recommend either. But purely on the look I prefer the darksword one. I Much prefer handling a sword to get to know it. Both are in the same range so you get what you pay for. Aesthetically its the 2nd for me.
I don't care about aesthetic in a sword. I wish to get it for fighting practice, therefore functionality is the only important factor. Being in Canada makes it nearly impossible to get anything better beyond munition grade swords from the the US with all the additional fees as well as currency exchange. Its just that everything just doubles in prices, its nothing personnel against Americans. Besides, I find the idea of spending a large sum on a sword for usage rather paradoxically as it gets damage anyways.

I don't care about aesthetic in a sword. I wish to get it for fighting practice, therefore functionality is the only important factor.

OK, thanks for making that clear. But many times aesthetics hide or are the exact result of better design and function, and things like a better shaped pommel or grip shape, for example, will make all the difference in handling and function. It isn't just about the type of steel. Balance and taper of the blade are extremely important, and some people pick that up through the "aesthetics." So don't throw it out the window. There's a functional reason people actually do prefer well made replicas of actual historical parts.

In the meantime, just buy either one of these since you've narrowed it down, and give us YOUR review. They seem very close in quality. I would be interested to hear what you think of the Darksword armory offering.
Which would be a better vendor? I heard that wulflund has a better reputation. My review wouldn't be of much validation, because I only have experience handling rapiers, myself owning an alchem sword, from zen warrior and darkwood.

Durability would be the best factor for me. As my experience taught me. Compared to higher class weapon, Ex: Darkwood.
Is my sword as beautiful? No. Does it handle as swiftly? No, it tends to be on the heavier side. Can It be use to best the more expensive sword? absolutely. Therefore, the only factor I could count on is that it can take more of a beating.
Canada has it's own hidden gems Danny,

Al makes some impressive Viking swords,
as tough as anything out there,
great guy too,
defo worth a chat, you might be pleasantly surprised, ;)
Danny, my experience with a Dark Sword Armory product was not good. A real illustration of how something that looks good in a picture can be so disappointing in your hand. Of course, the object in your hand is not the same one as in the photos. My experience is more than 5 years old, so that perhaps means something.
Wulflund is a company I also have experience with. Good delivery, promises are kept, products as expected, good quality. I would not buy a Viking sword from them however. I'm sure their product is decent, but not historically accurate.
I would buy from Wulflund again, but doubt I would ever buy another DSA product.
Based on your statement above about durability etc.... I'm sure this is the only advice I can give you.
Thank you guys for the tips. But, I instead bought a longsword, Ritter model, from wulflund as I could not fit my new schedule into the local norse reenactment group. The sword could be used in both sca c&t and hema which I can participate.

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