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Hi guys!

I'm planning, to improve my third quarter of the 14th century (cca. 1350-1375 soft kit. I'm reenacting a german or hungarian knight (depends on point of view) a member of the Ellerbach family. Obviously germanic origins but a branch of the family started to serve king Louis the Great of Hungary and they've been adopted to the ranks of the hungarian nobility, considering, that they had achieved a membership in the "miles aulae regni" (the knights of the king's court), and also get a castle (with other possessions in six villages as well) at Hungary as a donation from the king. The title of the knight of the king's court is not a major office, it signifies that the person is belonging to the upper class of nobility, although, he is not the member of the aristocracy. Why have I written this all down? Because I'm curious for your advise, that for a person in this kind of wealth and social conditions what kind of cloth do you suggest for a 14th century cotte? (currently I have a red velvet cotte)

If you could tell your opinion, or suggest me something, I would be very grateful!
Velvet cotte (I presume you mean coat) , a satin-like shirt, tights, long belt with a small pouch and a dagger. Shoes could range from low-rise boots all the way to thigh -high riding boots. For lounging about the castle, velvet slippers ought to work. A period -style 'slouch hat' with a feather plume would look great. Anyway, that's what I would consider a Hungarian noble of the times to be dressed like. I could be totally wrong though. And jewelry.....lots of jewelry........or "bling-bling" as we call it here in the U.S. That's all I can come up with. Anyone else have a better selection?.................McM

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