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Looking to sell my late 16th century tri-ridge burgonet with locking falling buffe. Made from 2 raised and welded halves with 2 fluted ridges and 1 welded center ridge and visor. skull is made of 12 gauge mild steel and the buffe is made of 14 gauge mild. The buffe attaches to the skull via a pin system making the gap almost non existant which makes this helmet extremely safe. Never been used at all. The buffe can be lowered via push locking system and is very secure. Any red spots inside or under the visor is just a coat of anti-rust paint in burgundy, there is no rust on this helmet. Made by Maxim from Ukraine

Currently there is a 6-7 oz thick leather suspension liner installed (which is not installed at great angle right now, would need some adjustment), this helmet was made for a 23" head WITH padding (padded arming cap) on already and the thick liner installed. If the helmet had the liner removed and padding directly installed you could fit a 21.5 inch head in here with a decent amount of padding.
I'm asking 700 USD + shipping from Canada

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