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Up for grabs is a pair of Masai spear tip and end parts. There would be a short wood section joining the two ends to make a complete spear. Sadly the original section is long gone, but it would be very easy to fabricate a new one. The idea behind the very long back point is that the Masai would practice spear throwing and not wanting to risk damage to the bladed portion, would use the slender long back point for practice while reserving the front blade for actual hunting or protection. Great dark patina with light wear consummate with age. My best guess would be first half of the 20th century, but as the Masai still use these and the pattern hasn't changed much in 200 years it is hard to establish age. Probably made in Kenya where you can see a pair of these spear patterns on their national flag. Nice representative pieces for the region and culture. All pieces for one money. This listing is for all four pieces for $100 See the tape measure for size dimensions. Figure $15 shipping CONUS.

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