Good morning to all,

Several years ago, I found this old saber in an antiques fair, and bought it for a ridiculous amount. Today I re-examined it and it seems in fact pretty interesting. I wondered if it was a "true" weapon, or only a sort of more recent replica. It looks like a briquet saber in dimensions and style, but it is obviously not an official briquet, due to its very rustic construction.

In fact, it is very light, well-balanced and the edge is sharpened. I tried to do some very small cuts with it and it does very nicely; so I thought about a real and functional weapon.

It has a steel blade, a very simple guard red copper-made. The grip is made of wood covered with leather, with what seems to be brass twisted wire. The blade has an important distal taper, that goes forth from 6/7mm at guard to less than 1mm at end.
Unfortunately there's absolutely no maker's mark or inscription on it. Here are some photographies:

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All pics just here:

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Picture 6

Here are the specs:

Total length: 720mm
Blade length: 585mm
Blade width at guard: 41,5mm
Blade width, middle of blade length: 34mm
Blade thickness at guard: 6,5mm
Blade thickness, middle of blade length: 3mm

PoB: 95mm from crossguard
Weight: 530g

Did someone ever see a saber like this before? What do you think?