Kettle helmet distressing project.
So I got one of the Lord Of Battle kettle helmets and decided to do a distressed finish on it.

Where its at so far....

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

First step of process.

Looking good so far! What's your plan for it to look like when all is finished?

I actually quite like the Lord of Battles armour, as far as cheap mass-made pieces go. Very good for projects (I'm currently doing some work on their XIV century kettle helm) without having to worry about messing up a big investment, and they can be made to look surprisingly decent of you have a good plan.
Thanks :)

Well first think I have to decide if I want it darker or not. I need to it photograph well for reference for some paintings I am doing. But I also want it to look good in person etc. I might leave it like it is for the most part but some aged decorations to match.

I am also going to paint the underside a dark red I think and distress it some also.

The over all idea is a well worn setup from a long campaign.

I agree Lord of Battles does have some OK stuff if you pick and choose the best items.

Nice whats the plan for your helmet?

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