I had some time in the forge, in between the bigger projects, and I finished these two knives. The bigger one is a four bar composite, with spine of wrought iron, patternwelded strip, wrought iron again and W5 on edge. The brokenback is a three bar construction, with wrought iron back, PW strip and W5 edge. Both blades have a subtle hardening line I think these would be great for a DIY project for early medieval reenactment.

Dimensions and price:

Drop point:
length: 15,2cm
thickness: 4mm
width: 2,9cm
Im asking for 107USD + shipping for this one

length: 15 (not joking, the buggers came out almost the same length :D )
thickness: 6mm to 7 at the break
width:2,5cm to 2,8cm at the break
price: Id like 82USD + shipping for this one, please.

Thank you for looking!