looking for an armorer
Hi all,

I've had an account here for a while i guess, but this is my first time posting (I think).

Anyway, I'm interested in having some 14th century churburg style armor made, and i'm having trouble finding an armorer. I've spent some time searching Google and nothing is jumping out at me. Most of what i see is mass-produced, and i would like something made to measure. I'm a HEMA guy, but i would be willing to work with an SCA person if there are any around.

I live in the Atlanta area, so it would be a bonus if there was someone close enough that i could have measurements taken in person. I look through older posts several pages back, but didn't find a similar discussion for plate armor.

In terms of price range, i'm hoping to spend somewhere around $250 - $400 per pair of components, with maybe breastplate and helm being a little more expensive.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi Ryan,

there is a lot of armour discussion on here but manyof the practical users and makers hang out at


Its good that you have a budget idea before you start, always helps. Best of luck, look forward to seeing your results.

Thanks, Mark. I don't mind spending a few thousand, but hopefully not tens of thousands!

I'll check out the link.

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