Sword Review for custom Arms and Armor longsword
Introduction: About a year ago I approached Craig Johnson of Arms and Armor about creating this sword. My vision was simply for a scaled up version of Albion's Principe. I enjoy the lines and shape of the Albion sword but I prefer to train with longer swords typically depicted in the german fencing tretises. Using Peter Johnsson's geometric method depicted in the video on the Principe page I started with my desired blade length and adjusted the other demensions accordingly. After boucing some ideas back and forth Craig and I agreed on the final specs and color theme for the sword and he and his crew set about doing what they do best.

Measurements and Specifications:

Weight: 5 pounds, 2 ounces
Overall length: 52 1/4 inches
Blade length: 39 inches
Blade width: 3 1/2 inches at base
Grip length: including pommel 12 1/2, excluding pommel 8 1/4
Guard width: 12 1/2 inches
Point of Balance: 3 1/2 inches from guard
Oakeshott typology: Scaled up Type XVIIIC based on the Albion Principe
Replica created by Arms and Armor

Fit and Finish: The lines on the blade and fittings are all clean straight and well executed. The blade has an even satin finish and the pommel and guard have an attractive and rust resistant black oxide coating. The pommel is secured by what appears to be a nut that is also peened over. Everything is very tight and shows no sign of loosening after cutting practice. The only con was that the blade was not as sharp as I would like it. This is definitely subject to personal preference and I'm sure if I would have a specified that I wanted a sharper than typical edge that Craig would have accomodated me.

The Grip: The grip is bound in spiral wrapped thick cord covered in bright red leather. The seam is nearly invisible and unnoticable to the touch. The pommel/grip combo is very comfortable and secure feeling in the hands. The ribbed/spiral wrapped thick cord makes for a very comfortable and secure gripping surface. It's been a big hit and I think it will be a grip surface that I try to incorporate in future projects.

Handling Characteristics: Despite this beast's heafty weight of over 5lbs it isnt noticable until you swing it one handed. With a two handed grip it feels every bit as agile as a 3lb sword. I'm really impressed with how live and maneuverable it feels with both thrusts and cuts. I'm sure it has something to do with the blade shape keeping a good deal of the metal near the center of gravity. I feel like the blade would feel quite balanced and responsive even if the pommel were not present.

Conclusion: This sword is overall an impressive beast with beautiful craftsmanship and expert weight distribution. This is both credit to the orgional smith who created the sword the Principe is based off of as well as credit to Craig's technical expertise in reproducing swords and knowing what needs to happen to them to fine tune the design beyond my two demensional specifications. To my understanding this is a later period design and it is no suprise that after centuries of sword design changes/improvments that such a fine tuned and wonderful cut and thrust design should be made. This sword is quickly becoming a favorite for both drilling and cutting practice.

The cutting video: https://youtu.be/SGROvKGZ7D0

The pics:

It looks so good and yet so plastic at the same time.
Mario M. wrote:
It looks so good and yet so plastic at the same time.
:eek: Whatever Mario.

Congratulations Nik, this looks like a great sword, and I'm sure it's really sweet! I have a few 'light customs" (different grip color, etc) second or first hand from A&A and they are some of my favorites swords. I would love to do a real custom job from the ground up with them. Thanks for the review. If you do any cutting or HEMA exercises, I'd like to see some pictures or vid.
Thanks for the replys, guys. Can you clarify what you mean by plastic, Mario? And I will probably be posting more vids to youtube of my Hema practice as i get time, J. Nicolaysen.
Awesome sword. Is the blade profile taper slightly concave?
Its actually seems to me to be a little on the convex side, Luka.

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