Early fluted kettle helm evidence.
So I was curios if there was evidence of earlier twisted fluted kettle helms than 1475 one that survives. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/04.3.228/ and after doing a quick search a found this image from 1400-1410. He seems to be clearly holding a twisted fluted kettle helm of some kind. http://manuscriptminiatures.com/media/manuscr...l/16-1.jpg . Has any one else noticed examples of early twisted fluted kettle helms?

Also I believe the Turks etc used the twisted fluted design pretty early. I wonder if that is where the inspiration for some of the early twisted fluted kettle helms came from.

Any way if I run across more clear examples I will post them. And if any of you have examples please share them :)
Well, spiral fluted kettle stuff is quite rare and the earliest imagery I know of is from 1390s-1410s;

http://manuscriptminiatures.com/3987/10954/ (man behind the pavise, archer, one man on the wall)

http://manuscriptminiatures.com/5152/15982/ (the king, though not a kettle hat)

Straight fluted stuff appears more often though;


Arguably, as early as the 1230s;


So if you are aiming at a pre-15th century build and desire fluting, I would go with straight fluting.
Thanks Mario I am going for the 1390s 1410is range. That range is also the earliest I have found so far. Also thanks for the images. :)
Not that this is any help for 1380-1410, but the earlier date might be pushed back a few decades. The 1818 copy of the Hortus deliciarum completed in 1185 depicts a number of helmets which appear fluted. Unfortunately the original manuscript was lost by fire in 1870, so we have to rely on the copy.

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You know the more I do research the more I get the feeling the fluted helmets were something they picked up from contact from the crusades etc. Fluted helmets seems to be much more common in the middle east at Asia and earlier.
A little late, but my favourite example is from the Konrad Kyeser Cod. No. 3068 manuscript. Fol. 82r from around 1450. It is his peinture of Mars (here is information about the manuscript):


Here is a better picture:


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