This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Late 14th century style leg harness made by Steel Mastery in Ukraine. The pieces are made from 1.5mm (16 gauge) mild steel.

One of the leather straps on the right greave is torn and needs to be replaced.


Asking $500.00 for the greaves and cuisses, or if wanted separately, $325 for the greaves and $225 for the cuisses

Can take payment either through PayPal or Skrill (preferably Skrill) and will ship to anywhere in the U.S. for free

The measurements they are made for are:

Knee circumference: 46cm
Knee length: 14cm
Upper thigh circumference: 61
Middle thigh circumference: 58
Over knee circumference: 51
Front thigh length: 34
Inner thigh length: 24
Outer thigh length: 29

Calf circumference: 44
Shin length (inner): 33
Shin length (outer): 35
Circumference above malleolus: 34

(Although the greaves seem a bit smaller than that)