Finnish Helmet Finds Dating Prior To The 14th Century
There have been some truly phenomenal inlaid and pattern welded weapon finds in Finland over the years which suggest many people in the area had enough wealth to afford whatever they wanted but to my knowledge no armor of any kind has ever been recovered. Anybody aware of any helmet finds that can be dated prior to the 14th century? Any armor at all? The only thing I can think of are a few shields but IIRC they were prior to the Viking Age.
Hey Mike,

Here's a thread I started a few months ago that might be of interest to you. Not much in the way of actual archaeological specimens but a reasonable amount of artistic evidence survives. Of course that topic is in regard to a very particular era and I'm sure there are probably some finds prior or post-dating the turn of the 13th century... Cheers!

Thanks for the leads, Gregory. Based on the Nousiainen brass(early 15th c.) and the earlier sword/spear/axe finds I've always assumed Finns were using essentially the same equipment as everyone else in the region. Heck, I read a paper recently that seemed to indicate Finland was 3rd in total number of Ulfberht finds.

I'm working on putting together a best guess 11th c. Finnish kit and in regard to helmets I've been thinking a conical nasal is most likely but I'm undecided as to whether a Normanesque spangenhelm as seen in the Bayeux Tapestry or a single piece example like the Olmutz Helmet is a better choice. I'm leaning towards the Olmutz style but it would be nice to have some direct evidence to go by.

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