Recommended blade flexibility.
I decided to buy a sword from alchem armoury for SCA cut and thrust. They can make the blade to a specific chosen stiffness. What would be best for cut and thrust?
What do you want to do with it? Will it be sharp or blunt? For solo training or sparring?
Blunt for sparring in Sca cut and thrust.
There are rules specifying the minimum flexibility a blade must have before it will be allowed.

From the SCA Rapier Handbook:

The definition of "reasonably flexible" is dependent upon the length of the blade and the weapon class it is to be used in. To determine if a weapon meets the standard of being "reasonably flexible": Hold the weapon parallel to the ground, supporting the handle against a table or bench if necessary. Hang a 6 ounce weight (170 grams) one inch (25mm) or less from the end of the tip. If the blade flexes as indicated in the following table then it is deemed "reasonably flexible" for that weapon class.

For Cut and Thrust, the blade must be less than or equal to 48" long, and it must deflect at least 1/2" (12mm) under that 6oz (170g) load.

So that's the minimum. If everybody else uses more flexible blades where you are, maybe it would be good to follow that practice.

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