Change of Name
It's most likely very rare, but I've had a legal change of name and tried to change that in my profile. Wouldn't accept it.
The new name is "Elric Patzke".

Would be lovely if you could fix that up for me.

Such things are better requested privately as they only pertain to you and not the community, but I will respond here.

We can change your profile name, but any instance where people have quoted a post from you will include your originally registered name in there. This will lead to confusion in those topics.

If you still want me to do this, contact me privately and I will.
I don't know, I don't feel like like it's a private matter. I've had to jump through so many legal hoops to get it done, it's rather offical to me now!
And in a way, it does pertain to the community, since it changes the handle used to interact with me on here. :p

I opened this topic because, as this is called the "Features Talk" section, I wondered why one is -not- able to change their username on their own? So in addition to my personal request, this is actually a suggestion regarding the forum software:

If one is not able to change their username on their own, why not display such a message in the "edit your profile" screen?

I was confused when I tried to change it on my own, since the option seemed to be there, the input field for the username was active and not blocked, and I didn't receive any error message when I saved my profile after entering a new name.

As is, it -seems- like you can change your username, but you cannot, and won't receive any notification that you can't.
So best add a notification or just outright remove the "username" field from the "edit your profile" screen.

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