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Hello, I fight in HMB style (historical medieval battle) sport and I need some help making a nice helm. I don't know if you guys are familiarised with HMB but I'm sure many here fight in HMB aswell. I could not fight a better approach to a HMB forum. So here is my helmet that I want to make. The problem is I don't have much experience in armors and I don't know what latching mechanism to choose. Does anyone know what is the best latch mechanism for such a helmet ? Or can someone show different types ?

Thank you,

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Did you already start with your bascinet? I can give you some tips. Also look at the videos of Eric Dubé

What exactly is your problem? How to get the visor to stay open? :wtf:
That is the type of Visor I want.

I don't know what latching mechanism to choose, klappvisor or 2 sides type ?

What is the best and why ? tx
There is no "best" visor.
If you have two turning points at the sides, it is easier to pin down the rivets. (The visor will stay open when it is supposed to)
It seems like this was preferred in Italy.

While one middle hinge can work itself loose faster and it 's harder to tighten it again. That 's all there is to it. You find this type more often in german speaking countries. But as always you got stuff that looks like from italy made in germany, while stuff that looks like it 's been made in germany was also produced in italy :/

Just do what you prefer. If this is your first time making a helmet visor, try one middle hinge. Make the visor. Finish it, completely and then start to connect it to the skull. This should be easier for you.
Okay guys so this would be me final design. Anyone knows how much mm those round holes have ? they look 8 mm to me. If so, would 9mm be too much for breathing ?

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Dear Bernard,

I've done a good share of HMB (We call it "Heavy Metal Buhurt" though), so I know exactly how it works, and what requirements the equipment needs to fulfill.

First off, this kind of sport takes a huge toll on your equipment. Expect heavy denting and deformation within a good year of use. Keep that in mind, you might need a helmet every few years...

This is the one I use for HMB:

Keep in mind that the larger the holes, the weaker the material holding your visor together.
I wouldn't go larger than 8mm, the design shown on your last example image is already about perfect.

Reason is, as I said, HMB takes a heavy toll on your gear... so if the holes are too large, there is too little metal in between, and breakage from heavy hits is more likely.

When you get pollaxed in the mug, you really want that visor to hold.
Thanks man. so you can breathe well with it. That is awesome.
You're welcome!

Yeah, I can breathe okay in it.

Breathing while wearing a helmet will never be as easy as with a raised visor or no helmet at all though, always keep that in mind. :p

One last suggestion: Make the hinge of the visor and the locking mechanism (You NEED a locking mechanism in HMB) as solid, thick and reinforced as possible from the very beginning. You don't want those to break.

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