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A new commission, a new smith
A little over a year ago I made an acquaintance with a new smith, Emiliano Carrillo, by name. I was impressed by some unusual work he had done and approached him with a commission in mind.

I wanted a “destroyed” sword. This commission represents no specific sword. Due to space requirements, I had it made in rather a tight coil. But there are some examples on the internet. Had I more room, I would have gone for more of an “S” shape. The pommel and guard, were just based on one I liked.

He delivered exactly what we planned and I couldn’t be more pleased. The pattern welded blade shows a lot of talent, displaying a remarkable pattern.

Although, only working part time while in university, I think that he is displaying a real talent and I expect to see much from him in the future. By the way, I paid for the commission and am under no obligation for my comments.


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That's about as cool as it gets Robert! I love it! Congrats on an original piece and a new smith!
That's a really original and courageous choice...sure to get some conversations started when you put it on display.
I think this is the most unique sword commission, based upon historical sword forms, that I have ever seen.
Thanks for the comments. It is really something different. I plan to let it age naturally by not doing anything to preserve it.

That is a remarkable commission. Very cool!

You're in Washington - set it outside and it should age quickly. :)
That's going to be a real conversation-starter!
I do not intend disrespect to anyone, but I find this horrifying.
Why Gordon, it is historical.
Hi Robert.
Very nice and unusual commission but you are right it is historical and I like it very much.
Emiliano Carrillo web page is also very interesting great sword,s and seaxe,s
I like it!

nicks in the edge are a nice addition.
I was going to be the first to comment last night and offer my congratulations on such a unique creation, but I realized I know too little about how these sacrificial swords typically look when we pull them out of the ground. The patterning on the blade strikes me as particularly crude - as if the sword were unfinished to begin with - and I suspect that this was done as a financial choice on the part of the commission? Or is there evidence of the finish on the blades corroding with time and leaving less refined markings upon the surface? Or perhaps unfinished blades were actually originally used for the purpose of sacrifice?

I'm eager to see some photos of originals for comparison - particularly those that may have inspired this piece. A very bold choice and again I'm happy to congratulate both the client and artist behind it! Great to see. Cheers!

Re: Sword?
Robert Muse wrote:
Why Gordon, it is historical.
It's just that I don't enjoy the destruction of swords. It's an emotional thing rather that a rational one. Oh, and of course, plenty of things are historical and unpleasant at the same time.
Well, I knew this would be a little controversial, but I see that I need to address a few questions.

First off, it did save maybe a few dollars by not having it completely polished out. But that would have not worked out at all. What point is there to having it completely finished, then bringing it back to a heavily corroded condition? You are seeing it in its initial state. I plan to let it develop a rust coating, then darken it to appear very aged. I recently sold an original Baltic antenna pommel and it had a finish ranging from black to brown.

The pattern is very well laid out and quiet attractive. Perhaps it shows better in the flesh. Far better than several other pattern welded swords I have, such as ArmArt.

Of course it boils down to, what is attractive in the eye of the beholder.

And how many different Viking/AS swords can one create that hasn’t been done before?

It is a great idea. I really like it. If one wants a "wallhanger", that is a very cool way to go.
Hi Roger.
Well I never thought of it as a wall hanger, more a work of art like some of the bronzes I collected. That is a term I would use on a cheaper sword like a Deepeeka or even many Windlass ones, due to the poor heat treatment so many had. But perhaps you are correct in that it could not be used.

The smith sent me this as a reply to some of your comments.

By the way, in regards to Gregory’s comment, the swords were historically thrown into a fire to heat them before bending, else they would have just broken and not bent. I ground and polished the sword just like I would with any other and then destroyed it from there. The finish on the blade is similar to what you could expect from an actual destroyed sword seeing as the process was the same, just less time has passed!
I like it. However, it would have been interesting to see some before 'destroyed' pictures, or progress pictures :-)
Re: Sword
Robert Muse wrote:
Hi Roger.
Well I never thought of it as a wall hanger, more a work of art like some of the bronzes I collected. That is a term I would use on a cheaper sword like a Deepeeka or even many Windlass ones, due to the poor heat treatment so many had. But perhaps you are correct in that it could not be used.

I didn't intend to be disparaging when I used the term, wallhanger. That's why I put it in quotes. Perhaps I should have said display piece instead
Utterly freakin' brilliant

You are a genius, Robert

That is one of the most creative collaborations I have seen
Thanks Robert & Emiliano for the replies to my questions. I appreciate it! As stated, very cool piece to see come to life... Or death, rather? Cheers!

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