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Hello, I am beginning my sword collection, and would really like some offers for some good quality, rapiers in good condition if anyone has any they don't want anymore, or could just use the extra cash and we can have a win-win. Recommendations for online shopping will also be welcomed :)

I am currently looking at the
OR PC1099 (37 inch version), and as an enthusiast, I really have no reference to go off of, but have been reading around and trying to learn about "what's good". Authenticity and durability are important, but I truly don't see me ever using it for intense historical uses (unless someone breaks in my apt or something :eek: ), I really like the hilt, grip, and finger-ring of this one, and some say it is a 'classic' for entry level 'real swords', especially for rapiers. I am also unsure on the real differences (both historical and functional) of a 37" or 43" blade. I am over 6ft tall, yet I am unsure what difference it will truly make to its function/comfort. I don't intend to cut with it (obviously). If anyone has suggestions to find something similar at an even better price or one that has been taken care of well, I could be all for it,

Thanks for your time and consideration, and I might just take a plunge with the online retailer in a couple weeks if I feel confident and nobody has one 'to spare'.