Rapier Blade selection
Hi I found 2 different rapier blades from

http://m.ebay.ca/itm/CAS-Hanwei-PC1061-Rapier...nav=SEARCH or


What would be best for SCA cut and thrust rapier? I am planning to make a complete sword out of these. I have experience and tools to cast the hilt and pommel out of brass or bronze. As well as wood and leather for the grip.
Re: Rapier Blade selection
I don't know which type of blade should I recommend you, Danny.
You might consider Darkwood Armory or Castille Armory. Castille specializes in SCA legal weapons, and sells bare blades.
Darkwood Armory is too expensive as their blade is of comparable price to some complete swords from zenwarrior . And Castille don't sale cut and thrust variants.
Well, Darkwood and Castille are definitely a higher quality/price point.

Castille's website says this of their "Crossover" Blade": Slightly heavier and stiffer than the standard rapier blades, these have the same features with a wider profile. Crossover blades are designed to meet the flex requirements for both Rapier and Cut & Thrust, HEMA and WMA combat. These blades have a 3″ ricasso.

The medieval fight club blade you linked in your first post looks like an imported wallhanger blade to me. I have no personal experience with it, but I wouldn't buy one unless you can find someone to vouch for it.

I mount that Hanwei blade on all kinds of stage combat weapons, and I like it a lot. At it's full length it's a little floppy. I can't comment on how the SCA feels about it. Kult of Athena has a better price on it than your ebay link, and they also sell the 43" long version: http://www.kultofathena.com/bareblades.asp
I decided to buy a sword from zenwarrior after hearing good reviews about them. Now what blade length would be appropriate for someone who is 5'9 and 140lbs?

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