looking for armor merchant recommendations
Hello everyone,

I know this topic has been done before. I've read through a few other posts like this, but I still can't decide on a good armor vendor. I'll try to give details about what I'm looking for.

I'm part of a group that does live combat competitions using rattan weapons, similar to the SCA. We allow full force blows as well as punches, kicks, and wrestling. I don't need to protect myself against any steel weapons blunt or sharp, so not every square inch of my body needs to be protected.

Right now, I'm looking for arms (not necessarily including shoulders), cuisses and greaves (probably half greaves). My budget for those is between $600 and $1000. Cheaper is better, but I'll pay more for higher quality.

I want to balance durability with light weight, good fit, good articulation as well as authenticity. I want to be able to fight the best I can in this gear. A big question I'm debating is whether I want 16 ga mild steel for my entire arm / leg, or 16ga elbow / knee cops with 18 ga for the rest of the plate -- to lighten the gear.

I'm leaning towards Milanese / Italian styles. I'm pretty dead set on plate rather than lamellar or brigandines.
I will need this gear no later than October 2016.

Anyone have suggestions for good armorers in that price range?

The top contenders in my mind so far are www.stgeorgearmoury.co.uk and www.steel-mastery.com, but let me know if you know of equivalent products for cheaper or superior products for the same cost. Timely communication from the vendor is a plus as well.

There are many armourers out there that could do this. Your best bet, esp as you are US based, is to ask this at http://forums.armourarchive.org/phpBB3/ where its more re-enactment armour focused.

I know St George very well, Mark does good work. I'm less familiar with Steel Mastery although owned some very early bits from them. Recently they have come on very well although tend too much into the augmented reality world for my liking. As both of those are outside the US you'll be loosing a fair bit of your budget to post and customs.
looking for armor merchant ...

Try contacting Mark Berry of Clang Armory (clangarmory@gmail.com), he may be just what you are looking for. Haven't purchased any major pieces from him, but what I have received is of very good quality and reasonably priced. In addition, his communication with customers is above average.

Thanks for the replies gentlemen!

Mark Berry does look like he makes pretty good stuff. I'll contact him.

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