THE WINNER: Glad to Win a Gladius!
Hi Everybody!

We just finished our Glad to Win a Gladius contest.

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This contest gave back to those who were kind enough to contribute to the expenses of running this site. 80 people entered this one, but there was only one prize: a Valiant Armoury Signature Edition Actium Roman gladius.

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Click photos for full-sized versions

The contest winner has been chosen!

J. Nicolaysen wins the prize!!


Please take a second and give him some congratulations!

To review the details of this contest, please visit the Contest Announcement.

Thank you all who contributed to the site this year and eased the strain on my wallet. Things haven't been so good for me lately, so this was super helpful. I've already secured two new prizes for contests coming up in the new year. Stay tuned.
Congratulations for winning a smart looking addition to anyone's collection and thank you for helping to be a big part of myArmoury.


Congratulations man. Enjoy the holiday present.
Congratulations Mr. Nicolaysen.. That's a good looking gladius.
Now I have a Gladius, Ho HO Ho! :D :D :D

This is a really sweet looking sword and scabbard and I can't wait to see it. Thanks to Patrick Kelly for spiffing up this already really nice prize, and Lots of Thanks to Nathan for the opportunity!

I'm really glad to help out in some way. I used to be a sporadic unregistered and non-donating visitor, but in the last few years I have learned so much from everybody here, it truly is good to try to help out. And I have spent a fair bit on archaic weapons and a helmet! And lots of books. This is a great site run well by Nathan, Chad, Sean and all the Team. I don't know know where else somebody can find as good a site for camaraderie and expertise. And the makers, it is such a high point of my day to see the work posted there! And the amazing info and research leads and collecting advice by stand-out members. And the reenactors! And the HEMA-tophiles! Wish I could join your ranks as well. It's good to be here.

So this is cool. :D
Congratulations Mr. Nicolaysen and in expressing so well why this site is so educational and friendly with lots of people with wide and deep knowledge of historical weapons and history in general.

This site almost exists in a " Parallel Universe " where the internet seems to be populated by polite and courteous humans: Most of this is because of the quality of the membership but also that Nathan and moderators have always kept this place civil and quickly dealt with any Troll eruptions.

I'm sure that this also means that Nathan has to do a lot of work in the background so that our experience on this site is about one of the best one can find.

I hope you enjoy your gladius and let us know your impressions when you have it in hand.
congratulations to winning a really good looking sword!
Congrats on winning that awesome gladius! I bet you're GLAD you entered... Hehehe
You held the wining ticket, congratulations! :)
Got the Gladius Tuesday and I have to say it's really a nice sword. The grip is very comfortable and the balance is quite nice. It has a very original and interesting design and a pretty sleek shape. It is a lot of fun. Thanks Nathan!
Beautiful sword. Congratulations to J. Nicolaysen!
Wonderful--congratulations!! J. Nicolaysen--tell us about it!

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