Hi guys any suggestions on tough production bucklers, around 12" or so?
Is this training with wood, nylon or steel?
Arms & Armor makes a good 11" one. I have a pair, bought second-hand and used pretty hard and they're barely any worse for the wear.
Here's a good review of the 11" 16 gauge A&A Round Targe; seems recommended for training in I:33 and other sword n buckler.


However, for at least a few months now, A&A has not made or sold any types of their shields. Not sure why, they are all just "temporarily unavailable" for now. http://www.arms-n-armor.com/armor045.html

I'd be interested to hear what others think are good bucklers to begin training this stuff in.
They are also not exceedingly hard to make yourself, if you choose go that route, I did not need a hot forge.
The GDFB ones are as resilient as they are heavy. Their only failing is the grip (just a tube), but it's easily replaceable with some elbow grease. For ~$30 you can't really go wrong with them and they go up to 15" in diameter.

Alan at Merctailor is still making the odd one and putting them up for sale - they're well made, and have some padding in the boss, which is nice. They sometimes get posted here, and over at the Armour Archive.

If you're wanting one that requires less maintenance, Steel Mastery does them in stainless steel.

And HEMA Supplies have the new Scholar Buckler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS90w0ZAYcg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMpUUtSOd2M&feature=youtu.be

There are a few other threads here which ask the same question, so if you do a search, you might find some other options.

And there's a bit of discussion of a few various makes and models over at the HEMA Alliance forum ... if you're contemplating using a wooden buckler, rather than steel, hunt around for Roland Warzecha's discussion of the benefits of rawhide edging.
Thanks all, some great suggestions. Am researching them.

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