Searching for pictorial evidence
Dear All,

I am new to this forum and looking forward to interesting discussions.
My main interest is edged weapons from the 16th and 17th century.

I am wondering if anyone of you knows some old printing or painting where you can see this special kind of sword: From the middle/2nd half of the 17th century with this exceptional guard, showing a sculptural lion. The first two pieces on the images are found in the Klingenmuseum Solingen, Germany. The third example is in my collection. The Klingenmuseum locates them to south Germany, while other opinions say they are Dutch. The only pictorial interpretations I could find are those copperplate printings of Carel Rabenhaupt. The first one does not fit exactly and the second one is more a metaphorical depiction of a lion decorated sword.

Looking forward to you replies.

Best regards

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I have seen similar hilts attributed to both German and Dutch makers. I have one which is quite similar to yours. The work is attributed to Gottfried Leygebe. He worked in Nuremburg and Berlin, between 1630 and 1683. Do a google search for Gottfried Leygebe and it should bring up a few examples.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a similar sword which has Dutch origins.
Thanks for the reply.
I konw the work of Gottfried Leygebe. In my case the quality is not high enough to attributed to him.
Do you have an image from the sword in the Cleveland Museum (cannot find it in their online collection). Would be also great to see your piece!

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