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Hi All,

Something the teeniest bit larger than what I usually offer for sale:

For a proper review (not mine), please see:

The biggest sword Iíve owned or handled: really massive! Just over a year old, and has just been sat on my wall looking intimidatingÖ

The only problem is, although itís dismountable, I have no idea how to ship a sword this big, so Iím afraid itís collection only. I live in Leeds, if anyone wants it and is close enough to collect? A long shot, I know, but there you go...

Very sharp, carbon steel blade, stainless hilt components, leather-wrapped grip. There is a little wobble in the cross-guard when itís all assembled, but I have a feeling thatís because I canít tighten the pommel any further. Maybe a more macho person can manage it?

Asking £180