Early avar and magyar shields, did they even exist?
Hello, I'm currently making and researching material for an early hungarian kit, with the magyar in mind, but the avar finds of Moschevaya Balka as prime clothing resource. What I'm unable to find for these peoples of that time is a shield.
I can't find anything in the Moschevaya Balka find, period depictions or modern interpretations (exept for a picture of a reenactor who used a standard, large, center-gripped round shield).

Does anyone know of any shields used by the magyar, avar, khazar or other close culture in the period of 8th to 9th century?
If not what is the closest you get/best bet? Kalkan shield? No shield? What?

Thanks in advance for any help and input.
Hello Baard!

It's good to see, that you working on an early hungarian kit :) Unfortunately I have not read much about this question, but on this week a good book will be published: http://www.helikon.hu/termek/ismeretterjeszte...et-3/1964/ if you speak hungarian, than it will be a good point to start, if you could get it :) That's not much, but I hope that my note was helpful :)

Good luck and work with the kit! :)
And an other one in english and much more expensive :\


There is a german source about a silver cross on chief Sur's shield in the battle of Augsburg, 955.
Early Avar and Magyar shields, did they even exist?
I guess that we will never know how do Avar and Magyar shields look like due to lack of photographic proof.

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