Need help cleaning sword
Dear Community,

I am now proud owner of a beautiful set of sword and dagger from the hands of Mr. Vladimir Cervenka.

However, dispite being absolutely great items, I did not expect Mr. Cervenka to craft enchanted weapons.
So I am now left with two weapons with wire wrapped grips, that have a level 16 "black hands" spell bound to them. And no ammount of brushing or wiping with (clean) oiled, dry or spirit soaked brushes or rags is getting rid of the eternal blackness of the handles.

As I am (at least for now) shying away from sacrificing a virgin, I turn to the esteemed community here, in search of advice.

If you have some advice for me (or are a virgin), please consider helping me out.

I assume it is mostly dust and grime from initial polishing of the sword, that sticks to the wire wrapping, but I would really like to remove or at least reduce it. As it is now, hands turn black instantly, when handling the weapons :o/
If it's just metal dust and oils sticking to all the little nooks and dents in the wrap, you could try cleaning putty (Cyber Clean or somesuch). It's a lot like non-staining play-doh, and usually used for cleaning computer keyboards, electronics boards and other such things with lots of small, hard-to-reach crevices.
Thanl you very much, Sir.

That sounds like a good idea!

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