Percussive weapon length / weight
In the battle of nation weapon weight / length restriction there is a strange thing:
The longer your weapon is, the heaviest it can be.
So for the same weight a shorter weapon is more dangerous / powerful ?
2.4.2. Pole-arms: - single-handed: axes up to 1,300 g, maces and six-flanged maces up to 1,000 g

a) Important! The length of a cutting part of an axe blade should not be less than 7cm!

b) Important! All the maces and six-flanged maces can have ONLY wooden handles and no sharp edges!

- long axes and other similar weapons (with a total length of not less than 1 m) - up to 2,300 g.
- two-handed: halberds, glaives, poleaxes and similar weapons (with a total length of more than 1,400 mm) - up to 3,000 g.

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Well, no. I think it's more just a matter of larger weapons being necessarily heavier - if they weren't, they would be structurally weak, and a broken sparring weapon is a genuinely dangerous thing. So the rules take that into account and allow larger weapons to be heavier, rather than trying to regulate against the laws of physics. :)
Generally, yes.

It's directly connected to the distribution of the weight. Most of the weight for axes and maces is concentrated in the head/blade, same with the polearms, but they have longer handles or poles, that are heavier and this is simply taken into account.

So if we take a mace that weighs 3 kg and a polearm that weighs 3 kg, more weight will be concentrated in the head of the former, because latter simply has heavier pole.

Swords for example are allowed to be heavier than polearms, up to 3500g, because of their weight distribution, where the point of balance is closer to the hilt. But swords are not allowed to be used in half-swording manner, so hilt jabs, mordhau and such are restricted as well.

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