Need help identifying dagger... 3 Lovers Dagger???
I'm trying to help a friend of mine who's not good with computers identify a dagger that belonged to his father. His father said it was called the Three Lovers Dagger (that search came up with nothing). The grip has figures of three people on it. A couple in the front, and a third person on the back who apparently plans to kill the man of the couple. The sheath depicts the murder scene. It is about 13 or 14 inches long. His father recently passed, so we don't know anything else about it. We couldn't find any markings on it either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is a second picture. It wouldn't let me attach both on on post from my phone. I guess it was too large, had to crop it.

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Based on the blade etched decoration and the fancy cast hilt and sheath, I am fairly certain it's a Victorian piece. One of the genre generally called "Romantic" daggers. They were popular around the time that writers like Sir Walter Scott were all the rage.

Not my thing, but I've seen them frequently in the arms and armour auctions over the years. If you google "Romantic dagger", I expect you can find photos of a bunch of them, and you may well find your "three lovers" among them.
Probably late 19th or early 20th century, perhaps German.

One for comparison:

very fine and heavy German made "Romantic" dagger of unusual form.
This dagger measures 27cms overall in the sheath, 26cms out with a blade length of approx 16cms.
The construction is silver plated copper and bronze expertly rendered.
The hilt is a most unusual theme with lovers entwined to the front and a third person behind who appears to have rams horns seems to be whispering in to the ear on the other man whilst holding a dagger drawn. The guard carries a small hallmark that appears to be S&K, likely Schnitzler & Kirshbaum, Solingen.
The sheath is felt lined to keep the blade protected and it has done its job perfectly as the blade remains in very fine condition.
The sheath has Gargoyle like face to the front with snakes and vine motifs, the rear shows a stylised cross and vine motifs.
The blade has an eliptical block forte and is double edged for the remainder. It is expertly etched showing arms and floral designs.
A very fine example of a most unusual dagger.


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Mart Shearer wrote:
Probably late 19th or early 20th century, perhaps German.

Yeah, the mid- to late-ish Victorian era. And either Sheffield / Birmingham or Solingen.
Thank you gentlemen for the information, and pointing us in the right direction. This will be a good learning experience for us.
A note on the ram's horns; I believe they are a sign of cuckoldry. So, the fellow with horns and dagger is the husband.

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