Italian BillVariant "Scorpion"-Seeking originals/P
Hi all This is one of my first posts here and ---- Im recently revisiting my interest in the Variant of the Italian Bill often referred to as the "SCORPION", Likely a post-modern term, (though I believe that is uncertain), this rather obscure/ fairly rare/uncommon but interesting (and quite cool) Polearm- is found in at least a few variants (in-and-of itself ) though Im looking for some Nice Photographs ( of surviving originals from collections or ESp. in Publications that might be unknown to me) to add to the sources I already have-- my understanding is the Quality Volume "Armi Bianche Italiani" 1975 Ed. has several Photos/Drawings of this type- I wonder if anyone Could Scan/Post some Pix of these from this Particular Volume, And other Book Pix from other sources of this Type here.--
Also both Here recently, and many years back)- Ive rarely(if ever?) found a depiction of this Type in 16th century Italian(or other nationality?) artwork which was the 'Heyday' of its time and place. Does anyone have sources for these that can be posted here?! ----also if anyone finds this and other similar-obscure Pole arms of Interest and wants to contribute or chat about them, Please feel encouraged to do so. I look forward to any/all Positive replies
Thanks in Advance
[ Linked Image ]
Mart, Thanks so much for posting this! - Though this, Just happens to be one of the few Diagrams I 'Already Do have' -- for this Type; but its nice to have another Link,(It isnt from "Armi Bianche Italiani" is it??- Ive heard that volume's content is More geared toward Color Photographs- though it seems to be an Italian source as well?) the Encyclopedia-type Site you Linked is also Good reference. It's Much Appreciated.

Can Anyone else Please contribute more to add; Book Publication Pix(full page) scans are the most desirable. but other sources are welcome too-----
Thanks Danny. those are some good additional sources! I think I was familiar with the AIC one, but maybe not the PAM/Kiensbusch one. ----- Both are fairly typical examples I think, but there are supposed to be some more unusual sub-variants out there still(up to five known types, so I have been informed)
any further sources is yet again still encouraged. Thanks to those who have so far contributed!

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