Sword Identification please help

I am new to this forum and still figuring out its ins and outs. I have had an old sword in my possession for quite some time and do not know much about it. I believe it is a tulwar but do not know much more than that. The blade of the sword has been engraved with animal figures and it has a worn but decorative handle. Can anybody please help me in figuring out what I have?

here is a link to photobucket with photos of the sword

My limited knowledge on swords of India says that you do indeed own a Talwar. Many swords of this type have a knuckle bow but I don't believe that neither the presence nor absence is a deal breaker as to whether or not the sword you own is a Talwar.
I am not an expert on the subject nor do I even own such a sword, but after about 20 minutes research, I think that you're correct.
These are usually called a "hunting tulwar", or "shikargar" (from Persian "shamshir shikargar", literally "hunting sword").

Most of the ones I've seen have been probably made for tourist sale (including 19th century ones), but they were also made for locals.

Search Google Images for "hunting tulwar", and you'll find plenty of examples to compare yours with.

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