Is there a name for this armor setup?
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew if the armor setup in the attached files below had a name. I believe it's most likely from the early 14th century. I just want to know if this setup had a name, which countries it was associated with, and if it is in fact a historical set.

The setup appears to have a great helm or some kind of early visored bascinet, plate armor covering the limbs, and a long surcoat.


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(#1 on the far left)
Here's another picture

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These depictions are mostly on target for knightly armor c. 1320-1340. There is no particular name for this style of harness - most 14th century armament is usually noted simply by applicable decades that it was in use. In the period in question there was a wide variety of interchangeability in armor components and men-at-arms would have appeared on the field in various setups all at the same time. Some opted to continue relying solely on mail as the primary defense, while others adopted varying degrees of plate armor or cuir bouilli leather defenses, both for the torso and limbs. It was an interesting time (literally called "transitional" in most history books) and that's why the mid-14th century is really popular with reenactors, methinks!

To see the original sources that your images are based on check out the following sites and use the search engine narrowed down to martial depictions between 1320-1340. You'll get the gist...


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