Provocatores equipment are close to Roman soldier :
Did the small sword is better against this kind of protections or is it a restriction to make the fight less deadly ?
Is a round shield like Viking one with a Spatha (early frank sword) can be a little better or worse against provocatores ?
With the gladiator class of provocator, the shield used was a slightly smaller version of the scutum, (as seen in the video) not the round parmula. Quite small swords became common in the amphitheatre during the period of the emperors, perhaps to make for a more exciting demonstration of fencing skill in very close combat rather than being less deadly. It was usual for provocatores to be matched against each other rather than other gladiator classes, so offensive and defensive equipment would be the same. Refer to Dr Junkelmann's excellent book "Das Spiel mit dem Tod" for more information on the provocatores.
Ok, i see. But in single combat would you prefer gladius and scutum or round shield and spatha ?
The longer spatha was not used in the amphitheatre, except MAYBE by the essedarii. Personally when I fought on the arena I preferred the sica and the parma (the arms of the thraex). However, of the choices you mention, I prefer the scutum and gladius--I like to get in real close and go for the belly.
Do you do childrens parties Martin? ;-)

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