Early 15th cent English armour by Davis Reproductions
Well its been a while since Nov 2013 when I met Josh Davis from Davis Reproductions in Minneapolis over here and we discussed making some arms and legs to improve a harness I had bought and he took some measurements of my fine limbs.

I then visited in January last year and the already roughed out arms and legs were tried on and a few adjustments made. We then spent the year discussing bits and bobs,sending them over here again for more fittings, sorting the decoration out and now they are on their way to me. I can't wait to see them but here is a selection of pics of the finished items.


They are based on a variety of English effigies but the main feature are the dogfish fin couters and poleyns which I like and don't often see reproduced. These come from an effigy of Sir Thurstan de Bowers in Tideswell Church inn Derbyshire.

The gilded bands follow the pretty much standard style of English decoration of the period. They all have the same features and the same artistic elements so there is much evidence to follow. Thanks goes to Toby Capwell for helping out with various images along the way and Robert McPherson who also made helpful suggestions.

Hopefully you'll agree that Josh has done a great job on them!


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How is all in the land of Cymry?
That is absolutely stunning bit of harness! I love the dogfish accents and I do wish they were more common. I always though it would be neat to have pauldrons with the same accents in addition to elbows and knees, though wrong period I think. What steel are they and are they heat treated? Can't wait to see the whole thing together...
Its all fine in Wales, lots of lambs and daffodils. Yes, there are no spaulders like that for this period I'm afraid. You'd have to ask Josh what the materials and treatments were as i don't have the specs in front of me at the moment. At some point in the next few months i might get the whole lot on, need to find the time.....
Thanks for the great post Mark!

Re: Justin, I use 1050 spring steel and yes I heat treat my work. Here are a couple quick pictures as well.

This project was a huge undertaking and I am happy with the results.


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Josh dreams of less complicated jobs and less picky clients...

Shame he's now doing something else for me :-)
Josh, your work continues to amaze! Well done. :cool:

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