This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Looking for one of the following for heavy/cut and thrust SCA fencing:

T03 Triplette (Zen Warrior Armory) Rapier
Del Tin or Darkwood Armory Practice Rapier
Del Tin or Darkwood Armory Bated Rapier
Zamorano Rapier
Hanwei Practical Rapier (those with buttons on the end)

To trade for/lessen the cost I have the following (Many of these items are not SCA or medieval specific, but hey- ya never know):

HORDES: Skorne starter, only morghoul has been assembled and primed
7 praetorian swordsmen (6 are primed black)
(this lot is en route to my house- hoping to use it for trades or cash)
asking $45

2 in 1 NES and Sega Genesis console- in good, working condition
two controllers
NES Wizardry
SEGA Phantom 2040
Phantasy Star 2
$60 obo


I have a 14ga flat-top crusader helm. It's very solid; it just ain't the prettiest thing out there. I've got a thinned down sparring helm for inner padding (it is not glued in) With my personal padding fits a head of around 23 inches. I will include padding and you can take it or leave it as you please. Good for loaner gear or a starter helm - $60 (will toss in a bright yellow tabard for free)

Knee cops $15 - no straps, but I will include some volleyball knee pads for you. These are also very solid, just tarnished.

lacrosse rib protector- large $15