Authentic Civil War Cavalry Sword
A local man is looking to sell what he is calling a Civil War Cavalry Sword. The only markings he can find are LL and 48. He says the LL is crudely stamped twice on what he says is the "handle" but is not more specific. I did a little research and found a maker of Lemuel Leland, but no other information so I can't say if this is what the LL stands for.

The scabbard is rusty and the previous owner "cleaned" the blade, but I do not know to what extent.

He didn't send very good pictures, but I have attached two.

I am new to collecting and I am curious on two fronts:

A) Is this a fake?

B) What should I invest in a sword like this? He is asking $350.

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Hi Rod

Welcome aboard,

The scabbard for the sword belongs to an m1906 cavalry sword and would not be of the Civil war period. It is not uncommon to find older swords in newer scabbards and one reason is recycling the older swords in service. The m1906, in most regards, the same sword but with a steel hilt.

The Leland reference I am familiar with lists the blades marked LELAND in block letters. The LL you see possibly an inspection mark or a 77. It is not uncommon to find imported and unmarked swords that may have only a few letters or numbers.

With poor pictures, I would move along unless willing to take a chance. It is about the right price for a lesser grade of a 1906, as condition doesn't appear to be minty. I can only venture it to be; not Leland and not marked to a US source which would put it in the import basket with a 1906 scabbard. In hand, there might be more revealed.


Great info, thanks! I'm going to pass on this one. Thanks for being so helpful.
It is possible that it was a Springfield Armory refurb but I lack more data on that but would explain it. Still about what I would expect to pay even for a Springfield. Ames was the primary maker of the 1906 and they went to steel as they were having problems with a blackening of brass hilts. See the comments in this thread,



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