Wanted: Hanwei Raptor Shinogi zukuri
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I'm looking for a Hanwei raptor Shinogi zukuri katana.

Pretty much anything goes; bare blades, brand new, used, project blades, etc.
Fittings are optional, if the tsuka is cracked, missing, or if you simply want to keep all the fittings yourself, no problem. The only thing I need is the blade, saya and preferably also the habaki.

Minor cosmetic damage (both on the blade and fittings) is fine: minor scratches, a little red rust, saya with dings and scratches, all no problem.

What I don't want is damage that reduces the structural integrity of the blade itself: no chips, cracks, dings, bends, etc.
Also no "I sharpened it myself" blades, or any other type of modification to the geometry of the blade, I have very bad experience with that.

I only have one condition: a saki-kasane of at least 5.0mm (0.20").

Please measure the saki-kasane of the blade you have and if possible take a couple picture of the kissaki, especially of the mune and sides.
The reason is that I'm looking for a Shinogi zukuri raptor katana with a saki-kasane that is as thick as possible.
I bought one before but it turned out to be a lemon; the kissaki geometry looked like it was set by a blind man with a belt grinder and the saki-kasane was paper thin, only 3,9mm (0.155"). From a lot of reviews I have seen it seems that other blades are much thicker and better shaped than mine though. Hanwei lists these swords as having an average saki-kasane of 4,8mm (0.19"), so there seems to be a lot of variation between these swords. That is why I would like to have the sword measured before I buy it.

I live in The Netherlands, Europe, so please note that the sword might have to be shipped internationally.
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A Bugei exclusive 5160 katana is also very welcome!
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I'm dropping the saki-kasane requirement.
These blade have proven to be pretty tough so I'm not worried about 0,5mm more or less.

So in short, any shinogi zukuri Raptor or Bugei 5160 katana is welcome.
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