15C short sword / large dagger
One more interesting find from HH: http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm70...at70_a.txt

Itīs an interesting hybrid: with a length of 77cm it has a dimensions of short sword, rather than a dagger. Still, the handle construction would point to an opposite direction. Plus, it combines a Y-shaped, forked pommel that could be found on some baselards, with a cinquedea-style cross-guard, composed of two halves joined at the end (were they forged / forge-welded?)

The blade seems to have a diamond cross-section, with a short fuller, so it could be rather rigid (from these pictures, itīs hard to say how thin it is). Iīd be interesting to try how it feels in hand and what are the stats (POB etc.) Have you seen any similar piece, probably with a better description?

Btw, I have zoomed ad details on HH website and it really does not look like a composite piece.

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A very interesting sword indeed - but not actually that weird or out of place when you think about it. Ignore the pommel for the moment, and look at the short, broad, tapering blade with the short fuller - it's an Oakeshott type XXI sword - the type that resembles a long Cinquedea. Cinquedeas usually had riveted grips, just like this sword. The time and place are right too; 15th century, north Italian. Now the pommel: with its two knobs, it looks like a renaissancified version of an iron-age celtic sword or dagger pommel. This is also not surprising, as this was the height of the italian renaissance, and all kinds ancient weapons from the classical period were used - think of ear daggers or the already-mentioned cinquedea. It is somewhat startling to see these components all together, but I've attached a picture of ancient iberian dagger from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pugio which might have served the italian swordsmith for partial inspiration.

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