Albion Arn historically accurate?
Since this is a movie sword, I was wondering about the historical accuracy of such a sword. I am not necessarily asking if the exact same sword existed in a previous age, rather does it resonate authenticity in terms of shape, weight, and design, as a similar historical counterpart would. It sure is "cool lookin'". ;-);start=88

P. Johnsson and others talks about it in this thread. The sword is lovely, if you're wondering. It cuts like a beast, but it wants to be used in broad, full arm cuts. Used in this matter, it's very satisfying.
The Arn dagger is magnificent
I love the Arn sword....I think its one of Albion's most handsome pieces and for a very reasonable price for all that you seemingly get with that sword.

Etchings on the blade, cross guard decorations, pommel as well. I have a very similar sword in size and form in the Senlac and its one of my favorites..still, I feel like one day I will get an Arn as well.
Arn shares the blade with the Gaddhjalt and it's an awesome blade, you'll love it. Only thing not historical is that blade and pommel are decorated with engravings and historically such engravings would be inlayed with metal wire (latten, silver, gold). But that would raise the price of the sword significantly, so the existing decoration is an acceptable compromise.
Thanks everyone. If anyone has anything else to add about the Arn's historical accuracy, feel free to jump in. I have no doubt it's great, after all its an albion!

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