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Years ago, when I was an impoverished college student, I was positively enthralled with the Elven Leafblade produced at that time by Christian Fletcher using the Angus Trim leafblade. I have never yet seen a fantasy sword which I would consider it's equal, even the later offerings by Christian Fletcher such as the Maeglas (I'm not sure I'm spelling that correctly). Although the beauty of Christian's designs are a significant factor, what is most outstanding to me is the blade itself, I have never yet come across a fantasy leafblade with more elegant proportions.

Anyway, having over the years reached the financial point where I can afford to purchase fine swords, I thought I may as well try to see if I can locate one these old blades of my youth!

Although I would be delighted to find a complete Christian Fletcher version of the sword, I am primarily focused on locating any Angus Trim leafblade of this particular type. I have attached a couple photos for reference, one of the Christian Fletcher version, and one of the original Angus Trim offering.

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Photo taken from Angus Trim's website some years ago

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Please note, this photo is from a private listing which I came across (too late) a couple years ago. I would refrain from posting it as such, but it is the only image I have of this sword. [ Download ]