Dyeing Albion Maestro line sword grips?
Hello myArmoury. I've read a good many articles and reviews here over the last five or six years, but I've always remained a lurker. I think my interest and experience has grown enough to finally join in the discussion myself.

I've got a question, though. I recently got an Albion i.33, as I've had the opportunity to study with an accomplished i.33 teacher for the last few months. I've owned a Leichtenauer for years. I had some success using simple pre-mixed Rit fabric dye on the grip of the Leichtenauer, but it's started to fade. So, both swords could benefit from a new coat.

But before I use a simple clothing dye again (which did transfer to my hands for a few weeks after), is there a better way to color Maestro line sword grips? Anyone have success stories? And for that matter, is there a way I could bleach some of the previous dye from the Leichtenauer without damaging the cord?

Thanks kindly for your time.

- Mike
A better Idea might be to put a leather grip over the Maestro fiber wrap That fiber string is what Albion puts on all their grips, with the leather wrapped over it. Below is a photo of my Epee de Guerre with a leather grip (Albion did it for an extra fee, not me)

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Albion Epee de Guerre

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