Item in Met Museum
Not strictly arms or armour so I've put it here.

Does anyone have a colour image of this beauty?

I need to replicate a banner with a griffin on (no prizes for guessing why....) and this seems like a great source to use.

Thanks in advance...

Item in Met Museum
I don't have a colour image of this griffin banner.
[ Linked Image ]
Hi Grif,

Had a spare moment, so attempted some Google-fu ... no joy, but I did find this Pinterest board of images of Griffins, in case you haven't seen it:

Some great stuff in there, including this parade shield in the V&A:

[ Linked Image ]

Good luck!
haha, yes its a wallpaper on my laptop! for some reason I have a lot of Griffin images stored up...
I would guess that there is not a color image of that banner if it isn't already up on the web. While all the objects in the Met A & A collection have to be looked at at least once every five years when they take inventory, the project to get hi-res color photographs of everything in the collection and put them online is a work in progress that I imagine might take several years. That piece came with the collection of Wiliam H. Riggs when he donated it in 1913. I don't know if the photograph is quite that old, but I bet it's been a long time since somebody took it out and studied it, much less took good photographs. Banners, belts, and other doodads are not as sexy as weapons, so it's probably not at the top of the queue.

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