Late 16th Cent Italian Short Sword
Hello all,

I recently purchased a few original sixteenth and seventeenth century swords to add to my own collection (I am more than happy to share details of the others, if there is interest). I am particularly curious about one of them, and they are all a bit outside my field of study.

The sword is similar to a left handed dagger one might use in conjunction with a rapier, but overall with larger proportions. The quillons are much larger more substantial, and the weapon is made distinctly thicker and more swordlike (overall length 26" and with a blade length of about 21"), with a slightly rounded/spatulate point.

The blade is too narrow to be a cinquedea, but overall I suppose it would fill a similar role. How would you define this weapon? I am at a loss. Its a short sword style unique to Italy, for this period, but how does one think it would be used? In conjunction to some sort of target/buckler? Its not a sword type in FIore or Vadi.

(note the full-length shot is the last photo posted here)



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Antique Weapon Store? Greg is a good guy and he has a pretty nice inventory. I'm unfamiliar with that weapon type, I'll look through a few books tonight. It's similar to a 16th century side sword I've seen before. As for the rounded tip, I don't believe it started out that way. I'm inclined to think that the tip was worn down over time.
Yes, ordered from Greg.

My thoughts on the tip are the same, though I have yet to see the sword in person. I am hoping someone with an interest in 16th century sword types has seen similar in a painting/etching/wood cut... or a similar weapon in a museum. A quick look through my photos didn't reveal anything similar. It is quite short by comparison to most arming/side swords I've seen. Though definitely still longer than most daggers.

It seems quite similar to this sword in the Wallace Collection. I guess I would define it as an arming sword. Anyone have any period artwork?

this form of sword is tipically noth italian, but i have Always seen much longer blades on them. probably your has been broken-shortened?

it is a common sight in late XVIth - XVIIth century paintings, unfortunately i have just lost my data base of images, so i'm not able to post pictures,

i believe that we can classify it as a kind of italian "katzbalger" , a common choice for a pikeman or arquebusier.

it is a very nice example indeed Hadrian

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