This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hey, guys

I have a pretty specific inquiry here. I'm looking for a haubergeon (hauberks considered) that has been to hell and back. Something with holes and rips and missing rings. I'd prefer it to still mostly hold its shape, but I can work with something that's in pieces too.

Here's my wishlist. The more of these items you can fulfill, the more excited I'll be.
Wedge riveted, alternating solid ring.
Short sleeve (elbow length)
Mid-thigh length
Fits a 44in chest or larger (can work with sizes that are close)
Mild steel
light or no rust (good prices can sway me on this point)
Not actively falling apart (shouldn't be dropping rivets every time it's picked up)

if you've got something that's close, let me know. I'm hoping for something that's survived some steel on steel combat, or weapon durability testing. Hopefully someone can help me out.

This project is time sensitive. I'm looking for a good deal, but I can be pursuaded if you've got something like new that your just willing to give a deal on. My max budget is probably $250 for a mostly new, infact piece. I'm looking for something closer to $100 that I can put the work in myself to repair, or remove the rust from.

Thank you!