Decision, decisions.
So wife has said that I can get a training sword for my upcoming birthday, but I have a bit of a quandary.

On one hand, I've been drooling over an A&A training rapier for a few months. Particularly as they have different blade options so a sidesword blade would be fairly easy to get as well. At the same time Albion's I-33 has been calling for a while as I keep working on sword and buckler. And I figure that I might be able to fill my rapier desire temporarily with a Hanwei Practical 43' that Kult of Athena currently has in stock with holiday money.

So what would you go with. A really good "pair" of weapons that you aren't quite ready to focus in? Or a good blade that you'd use immediately and a not as good one to work your way into?

Much appreciated.
It's ultimately a decision only you can make, while the rest of us can offer just a perspective on where we are at.

I personally decided to start going after weapons I knew I liked but have no training with, while I worked on a major commission for a weapon I have some competence with. If I were actively training in any particular western style, my focus would be narrowed. As it is, I'm a dilettante but enjoying learning about all the variety as much as I can and finding that I really prefer two or three specific periods.

Using a sword and learning about it is much different than just collecting. You and I are lucky to be able to do both.

Always fun to try something new, but if you are at the point to deeply study one weapon and be proficient in that, follow that for a while. That's what I would do. Then you can take a break and go after something new again if you like.
I have an Albion Maestro I:33. It is light, but strong, and well-balanced. The blade has a little flex, but not a whole bunch. The blade edges are rounded and durable. It isn't the most beautiful sword around - the finish is a little rough on the furniture, and the grip is kind of ugly.

I don't think that you can do better for an I:33 type sword for stage, bouting, or reenactment.

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My advice would be to get the best that you can get for the area you are already studying. A beautiful rapier might net you an absolutely marvelous start at the study of rapier, but if you end up not liking it, she will suddenly be reduced to a collection-piece rather than a strong weapon in your arsenal.

On the other hand, you train sword and buckler and you have been eyeing the I:33 for a while, I would go for the I:33 and I would not ever look back.

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