Which one is the real Lutel shop page?
So apparently the company which went by the handle "Lutel" had some falling-out three years ago, leading to a split between parts of the firm. There are now two websites that claim to be the real one ( http://www.lutel-handicraft.com and http://www.lutel.eu/ )

So which one is the "real" or "better" one? So far, I've only seen myArmoury link to lutel-handicraft.com, but I couldn't find any comment on the situation.

It's almost strange that three to four years later the same fate seems to have befallen the Czech JINO-Smithy, which has been quite popular with European re-enactors for years now. The original founder Jirka Novak now has a new web-presence (www.jirkanovaksword.cz), a new forge and new workers, retaining pretty much only his old forgemark (JINO in a square pattern). Helena Vorlová now owns the old website (http://www.jinoswords.cz/), the old forge and the old workers, using a new forgemark (heater shield with a B in it and a crown on top). Both offer pretty much the same products in comparable quality.
http://www.lutel-handicraft.com/ is now the "real" Lutel.
I believe that, if you order from .eu, it's unlikely you'll ever receive your item due to poor communication within the company.
As Luke says, definitely go with Lutel Handicrafts. There have been a number of myArmoury forumites who have had bad experiences with Lutel.eu

Look at This Thread and scroll down a ways.

Also look at This Thread

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Good to know. Thanks for the answers. I hope people will find this post with the search function when they wonder the same thing. I couldn't find any statements.

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