This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

For sale one Albion bare blade Dudgeon. And as far as regrinding there should not be that much trouble to grind down as I have done 95% of the work except for final polish. I have put a “sharp” edge to it.

I just do not have the space nor the time right now to work the blade up. As we have moved to a location that does not have space for a workshop area. For reference you can check Albion's site for the basics on the blade.

If interested PM me with your email addy and I can give you my yahoo email and send pictures. From my ISP it seems to be difficult to attach pictures by me from here. I am techno challenged :cry:

Asking $60 for the blade and $10 shipping. This should afford the do it yourselfer a good blade at a great price so they can create their own period Scottish blade. I do not mind eating the difference, better she go to a new home than wither away around my house. I have had this blade for almost a year and I love her, but she needs to go. Better someone else give her the TLC she deserves! :\ I am including a very nice piece of burled English walnut that I have already drilled to fit the tang. This should be a bargain as the vast majority of grinding has already been done.

I will only ship to the US. No outside sales. I no longer accept PayPal due to their new..."activity policy". Low sales I guess. As I have had no disputes or claims in over 5 years of use. Personal check to clear my bank or a certified bank check are acceptable forms of payment.